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The Brass Backshop Forum

A Community for Brass Locomotive Modelers

Discuss your projects, expand your prototype locomotive research, search for those hard to find brass parts, discover new techniques and materials. Or just chat with other people who share our rare interests.

Look at the posts and see what you can gain, then register and join the community !

Brass Model Locomotive Modeling

This forum is for all those who are involved in the building, repair, modification, detailing, or rebuilding of brass locomotives and railroad equipment. This forum is about working on brass, not buying, selling, or collecting, except where those things are useful for our members.

So if you love brass locomotives, and aren't afraid to work on them, this place is for you. Or, if you are afraid to go further than just putting them on the track, but you want to learn how, this place is for you. By bring together those rare individuals who work on brass model engines, and those that want to learn, we can share tips and techniques, prototype loco info, and, perhaps most important, those hard to find parts.

The Backshop mostly deals with brass models, but really any type of model railroad engines where quality, detail, and prototype accuracy is important is OK here.

About the Forum

The Brass Backshop Forum exists to support the exchange of information on any and all aspects of working with brass locomotives. It is a new web forum and we are in the process of startup, so things may be a bit rough for a while. Please have patience with our volunteer staff

Note: We will upgrade this forum to phpBB Version 3 as soon as it is available (this fall ?), which will add a lot of new features for the members of the Brass Backshop Forum.

This forum was created by a brass freak and web programmer after a  conversation with another brass modeler. "Why not have a forum for people like us ?"  he thought. And so it started... Using the free, open source software phpBB, and a cheap GoDaddy hosting service the forum went live on 4/2/2006.

PFN AT&SF 2-8-0 brass engine

The Pacific Fast Mail Santa Fe '1950' 2-8-0, produced by United from 1956 to 1975. Probably the most popular PFM brass locomotive produced, at least in terms of the length of run and number made.



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